For some, writing a good reflective essay is like a walk in the park. There are students who take extra care when writing reflection essays and make zero mistakes. Some students are not so lucky, and they end up making plenty of mistakes and struggle in writing a good reflective essay. This article will help you understand the key elements of a reflective essay and help you in writing a great reflective essay.


Definition of reflective essay

The definition of a reflective essay is given in the name. The purpose of a reflective essay is to present and reflect on your life experiences. When you are talking about your life experience, you also need to mention what the experience taught you. How the experience changed you as a person is a crucial part of the reflective essay. 


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An overview is a retelling of all the major points you make in your research paper. It is used in academic writing most of the time and is very rarely used outside of academic writing as well. Other examples where you would see an overview are newspaper articles and journals. It has a formal tone and requires you to use proper vocabulary when you write it. 


The following points will help you identify what things need to be added or avoided in a reflective essay.

  • Remember to keep other people’s opinions out of your reflective essay. This is because a reflective essay needs to be written by you and it needs to have your opinion or perspective. 
  • Be as honest as you can when writing a reflective essay. You are not writing a work of fiction so you do not have the liberty of making up things as you write the essay. Be as truthful as you can when you write about the life experience
  • Like any other essay, you need to properly plan a reflective essay. If you do not plan your essay, you will be left answering the question, ‘How can I request college essay writer to write my paper?’
  • Always add what you have learned from the life experience that you mention in the essay. Just giving a description of the life experience is not enough. If you do not add what you learned or how the experience changed you as a person, then you are missing a key part of your reflective essay
  • Do not go overboard with the description of the life experience. You need to follow the word count or you will be given a bad grade. 
  • A summary is probably something everyone is aware of. Like an overview, a summary is meant to summarize all the main points you have made in your essay or research paper. The purpose of this restatement is to emphasize a point or make it easier for your intended audience to understand the topic of your research paper. Unlike an overview, which is only used for academic writing, the summary is used in both research papers and newspaper articles
  • Do not use complex vocabulary when you write your essay. Simple words are enough in a reflective essay. Do not substitute simple words for complex words just so that you can sound smart. This can sometimes have the opposite effect and leave a bad impression on the reader
  • Do not use an informal tone when writing a reflective essay. It is important to remember that a reflective essay is just like any other academic writing. Use of formal tone throughout the essay is recommended
  • The style and tone of your essay should make the reader relate to your life experience. This can be done by making the life experience that was life-changing for you. If the reader does not relate to your experience, then they will most likely stop reading and you do not want that to happen
  • The language used in the essay should not be everyday language. A reflective essay is a form of academic writing and should be treated as such. Also, remember not to use any jargon in the essay. You must keep in mind that the reader is a normal person and will not be able to understand the technical terms being used in the reflective essay


The above points are all meant to guide you when you write a reflective essay. Make sure you read each point twice or thrice. If you think you will not be able to write a reflective essay, then you should get in touch with professional essay writing service. These services are there to help you understand what you are doing wrong and in what areas you can improve


After going through this article, you should practice writing a reflective essay. It is obvious that you will not write a perfect essay in your first draft. But once you get the hang of it, you will be writing reflective essays that will get you a perfect grade.


Be sure to come back to this article if you are stuck on any point or if you think you are doing something wrong. This article is meant to be a guide for you to write the perfect reflective essay

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