If you are not yet bored with a lot of essay types, here is another type of essay we are going to introduce you to. The type is known as classification essay. It usually sums up various ideas, categories, characters, phenomena, or objects In simpler words, the essay segregates the complex ideas and phenomena into simpler groups that can be related to the main topic. This essay is very common in academic studies, where professors demand them frequently while teaching particularly for high school students. Nonetheless, they can also be used in other levels ie, higher education.

Why might writing classification essays be difficult?

One of the primary reasons why writing these essays would be difficult is that usually teachers don't provide details on the topic. Students have to research themselves and find details in this order. A general theme or outline may be provided to the essay writer free online   by the professor. The general instruction can turn into a guide for students to draft their essays, which will reduce the effort required to write a good classification essay.

Here are the five steps that will help you in writing a great classification essay;

Step 1 collect ideas

One of the first steps which the essay writing service free  needs to keep in mind is to get the ideas related to the topic. If the professor has not mentioned the specific topic, the student has to look for the topic themselves. The topic should be These include instructions to write the essay as well. One of the key things that the writer needs to keep in mind is whether instructions would be met if this topic is chosen. Here are few examples of classification essay 

  • Types of animals
  • Types of foods
  • Types of gadgets
  • Types of writings

Therefore, the writer has to do preliminary research before drafting the essay. The information should also be synchronized with essay instruction. For instance, if the essay presents an argument, does the information collected by the student adequately support the argument? Will the material suffice the essay requirements? Is the information credible enough to be used in the essay? A good writer will need to answer all these questions before attempting the essay.

Step 2 Design the main statement (Thesis statement);

Designing the essay on the main theme will allow the essay writing service  to segregate concepts easily. This could be done by formulating a thesis statement that elaborates the concept of a topic or argues a position. However, while writing this statement, it should be kept in mind that it should not only be simple statements like the one used in the textbook; rather, it should be elaborative. It should portray the concepts which are going to be discussed in the essay. The statement should be tailored to form certain expectations, which the reader will be locing while reading the essay.  

Step 3 Plan the essay

The foremost step which the writer needs to be careful of while drafting the essay would be planning for the essay. The writer needs to answer questions like what is the time required to complete the whole research process? How will the essay be framed? What will be included in the essay? How will the essay be organized? After visualizing these questions and getting answers for them, the writer has to organize them. One can also seek help from friends by asking “how should I write my essay in 1 hour  without any errors ”. The essay should be segregated into three main parts just like any other essay. This will include the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion of the essay. Other than this, one should be careful of including all the relevant information. on the topic. 

Step 4 Write the essay

Introduction Introduction

While writing an introduction, students will have to ensure that the readers are given details about the topic. It is advisable to introduce the topic rather than just listing the categories of any topic or phenomenon.


The preparation stage will make it easier for the writer to frame the essay. Students can also avail the services of an essay writer service  to write the essay for themselves. If, however, written by themselves, the essay should be written as per the following format: format: 


The body should be inclusive of all the major concepts which are necessary to gain insight into the topic. A writer should also be adding several statements that maintain the interest of readers such as by detailing how the topic relates to the practical world. paragraphs will segregate the main topic into several paragraphs each explaining the details of a topic.

Conclusion Conclusion

Finally, the conclusion should summarize all the key points ie, categories explained in the paper.

Step 5 Proofread and add more

 Finally, the writer has to check for the essay for mistakes including grammatical and syntax errors. The writer also needs to adjust the content as per the instructions. If needed, the writer will need to add more content by conducting more research.

To conclude, while writing the classification essay, students need to work more than on the usual essay. This is probably because the essay requires more research and effort to segregate the topics into categories. Other than this, one needs to be fully aware of the sequence and the accuracy of information while writing this type of essay. These essays also require good organizational skills in writing by the writer. You can also ask professional writers to'help me write my paper '.


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